Electronic Markets
Digital Business and Platforms

Welcome to the course “Electronic Markets: Digital Business & Platforms”.

Lecturer Dr. Anjuli Franz
Tutors Jan-Hendrik Schmidt Sebastian Bartsch Armin Alizadeh
Course format Lecture + exercise
Target group Students of Business Information Systems and Industrial Engineering
Cycle The course takes place every winter semester. The exam takes place in combination with the course “Electronic Commerce: Digital Products & Services” . The combined exam is offered every semester.
Documents The documents are available on Moodle

Course Content

In this course, we will delve into the fascinating world of e-markets to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping digital markets worldwide.

Building Block 1: Digital Platforms

In the first part of our course, we will thoroughly explore the core principles and fundamentals of digital platforms. Discover the architecture and essential components that make up modern platforms and enable their success. We will also address platform strategies and governance. You will learn the possibilities that platforms use to position themselves and achieve their business goals.

Building Block 2: (Digital) Business Models

At the heart of this section lies the cornerstone of every successful business – the business model. We will extensively examine various business model frameworks that will assist you in defining business strategies.

Value Proposition Design and Design Thinking will also be essential focal points. Learn how to understand customer needs and develop innovative products or services. Design Thinking enables you to adopt a customer perspective and find creative solutions to stand out from the competition.

Another key approach we will cover in this section is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and prototyping. Discover how to quickly and cost-effectively translate ideas into reality and gather customer feedback to continuously improve products.

Additionally, learn how to effectively apply agile methods and principles in agile product development to accelerate product development, ensure flexibility, and rapidly respond to changing market requirements.

Building Block 3: Digital Transformation

In this final section, we will explore fundamental concepts and essential economics of digital transformation, understanding how companies can remain competitive and successfully navigate the digital future in today's era.

Disruptive technologies are a crucial driver of digital transformation. We will examine the latest technologies revolutionizing the business world and understand how these technologies can be leveraged to create new business opportunities and enhance competitiveness.

Guest Lectures:

In addition to lectures and exercises, you can look forward to exciting guest lectures from our industry partners, such as Capgemini, Bissantz, or ING Deutschland.