Electronic Commerce
Digital Products & Services

Welcome to the course "Electronic Commerce: Digital Products & Services".

Lecturer Dr. Anjuli Franz
Tutor Marc Pinski
Ria Saha
Course format Lecture + exercise
Target group Students of Business Information Systems and Industrial Engineering
Cycle The course takes place every summer semester. The exam takes place in combination with the course “Electronic Markets: Digital Business & Platforms” . The combined exam is offered every semester.
Documents The documents are available on Moodle.

Content of the Course

In this course, we will dive into the fascinating world of online commerce to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends, strategies, and technologies that shape the global digital commerce market.

Building Block 1: Core Topics

From the fundamental principles of e-commerce and mobile commerce to the diverse e-commerce business models, we will explore the foundational building blocks that ensure the success of e-commerce ventures.

Additionally, we will delve into digital products and services, which play an increasingly important role in the digital age. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities arising from the sale of digital goods will help you develop an understanding of future business strategies.

Another key element is online marketing, which plays a crucial role in increasing the visibility and success of e-commerce businesses. You will learn how to effectively use digital marketing strategies to target audiences, foster customer loyalty, and distinguish businesses in a highly competitive market.

Building Block 2: Advanced Topics

In the second part of the semester, we will look at e-commerce analytics as an essential tool for making data-driven decisions and maximizing the success of digital businesses. Together, we will analyze and interpret purchasing behavior to gain valuable insights into customer behavior.

Discover the power of personalization and recommender systems that allow for individualized customer interactions and tailored recommendations to strengthen customer loyalty.

Another fascinating topic we will address is pricing, price differentiation, and bundling. Learn strategies to optimize your pricing structure and motivate customers to make purchases.

Additionally, we will explore digital nudging, a method for profitably influencing the behavior of online shoppers. Find out how you can guide customer decision-making through targeted incentives and design elements.

Guest Lectures:

In addition to lectures and exercises, you can look forward to exciting guest lectures from our industry partners, such as ING Deutschland, InnoInvest, or Google.