The Objective of our Research

Our mission is to assist businesses in effectively harnessing the capabilities of digital technologies. We aim to comprehend these advancements and present firms with tangible strategies for their implementation. Our projects are inspired by the advent of new technological options, breakthroughs in theory or methodology, and grand societal problems.

Research & Publication Highlights

  • Benlian, A.; Wiener, M.; Cram, W.A.; Krasnova, H.; Maedche, A.; Möhlmann, M.; Recker, J.; Remus, U. (2022): “Algorithmic Management: Bright and Dark Sides, Practical Implications, and Research Opportunities”, Business & Information Systems Engineering, 64(6), 825-839.
  • Mueller, L.; Benlian, A. (2022): „Too Drained from Being Agile? The Self-Regulatory Effects of Agile ISD Practices Use and their Consequences for Turnover Intention“, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 23(6), 1420-1455.
  • Siegfried, N.; Rosenthal, T.; Benlian, A. (2022): “Blockchain and the Industrial Internet of Things: A Requirement Taxonomy and Systematic Fit Analysis”, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 35(6), 1454-1476.
  • Thies, F.; Wallbach, S.; Wessel, M.; Besler, M.; Benlian, A. (2022): “Initial coin offerings and the cryptocurrency hype – the moderating role of exogenous and endogenous signals”, Electronic Markets, 32(3), 1691-1705.
  • Werner, D.; Adam, M.; Benlian, A. (2022): “Empowering users to control ads and its effects on website stickiness“, Electronic Markets, 32(3), 1373-1397.
  • Adam, M.; Roethke, K.; Benlian, A.(2022): „Human Versus Automated Sales Agents: How and Why Customer Responses Shift Across Sales Stages”, Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Piening, E.P.; Thies, F.; Wessel, M.; Benlian, A. (2022): “Rückschläge richtig wegstecken: Eine moderate Anpassung der Strategie erhöht die Erfolgsaussichten“, Zeitschrift Führung und Organisation, 91(4), 232-236.
  • Adam, M.; Roethke, K.; Benlian, A. (2022): “Gamblified digital product offerings: an experimental study of loot box menu designs“, Electronic Markets, 32(2), 971-986.
  • Adam, M.; Croitor, E.; Werner, D.; Benlian, A.; Wiener, M. (2022): “Input control and its signalling effects for complementors' intention to join digital platforms”, Information Systems Journal, 1–30.

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