Business Process Modelling

Here you can find information about the course "Business Process Modelling".

Docent Prof. Dr. Philipp Wunderlich
Supervisor Sebastian Bartsch
Christopher Diebel
Course Block seminar
Target group Students of business informatics and business engineering
Regular Cycle The course takes place every summer semester.
Documents The documents are freely accessible on Moodle.

Content of the Course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to business process and enterprise modeling. It is designed for undergraduate students interested in analyzing and designing intra-company and inter-company processes. The focus is on the significance and application of information systems and business process modeling in business informatics.

The course content covers the fundamentals of service-oriented architectures and object-oriented modeling approaches. Students will be introduced to ARIS modeling and other established modeling methods, learning their practical implementation. In addition to process modeling, the course also imparts fundamentals of business process management, particularly emphasizing techniques for analyzing business processes, business process optimization, and simulating business processes. We place great importance on linking the learned concepts and principles with practical use cases, enabling students to better understand and apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

Furthermore, students will gain valuable insights from experts in the field through guest lectures, providing firsthand knowledge of successful practices in business process and enterprise modeling.

Our course, “Business Process Modelling,” thus provides an ideal foundation for aspiring business informaticians and business analysts looking to specialize in designing and optimizing business processes. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting modeling and process optimization journey.