Enterprise Architecture Management

Here you can find information about the course "Enterprise Architecture Management".

Docent Prof. Dr. Alexander Benlian
Supervisor Armin Alizadeh Marc Goutier
Course Lecture
Target Group Students of business informatics and business engineering
Regular Cycle The course takes place every summer semester.
Documents The documents are freely accessible on Moodle.

Content of the Course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of enterprise architecture management (EAM). It is aimed at master's students of business informatics and business engineering who wish to develop a sound understanding of enterprise architecture design and management. The course begins by positioning enterprise architecture management in the context of modern business management. Here, the strategic importance and the role of EAM for the achievement of corporate goals are highlighted.

A major focus of the course is on enterprise architecture modeling, where students learn how to systematically map complex organizational structures, processes and IT landscapes. In addition, the management of business architectures is covered, focusing on business aspects and process optimization. IT building and technology management is discussed in depth to provide students with an understanding of how to integrate IT into enterprise architecture.

The evaluation and governance of enterprise architectures are other important topics covered in this course. Students learn how to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise architectures and how to initiate improvements. In addition, various deployment scenarios in strategic IT management and operational IT management are presented. This enables students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in real business situations.

In the accompanying exercises, students deepen their knowledge by analyzing real-world cases and developing solutions for current business challenges. Guest lectures by experts from the field provide students with valuable first-hand insights into successful EAM practices. Parallel to the course, students learn one of the leading EAM software. This allows them to put theoretical concepts into practice and familiarize themselves with the tools used in professional EAM.

Learning Outcomes

After the course, students will be able to,

  • systematically model and document enterprise structures, processes, technology components and their interrelationships.
  • analyze enterprise architectures, identify weaknesses and propose targeted optimization measures.
  • transfer theoretical concepts and methods of enterprise architecture management to practical use cases from the business world.