Process of Writing a Paper at the Institute of ISE

Organizational information about writing papers at the institute

The Institute of ISE has a number of processes and guidelines for writing term papers, research papers and theses that students can find out about here.

Registration and submission of the paper

The current information on registration and submission of the work can be obtained from the Office for Student Affairs or on the website of the Department of Law and Economics. Please note that for external theses an application has to be submitted to the Board of Examiners (external thesis according to § 23 Abs. 4 APB). You will receive the corresponding form as well as all necessary information in the Office for Student Affairs or on the website of the Department of Law and Economics.

Process for writing papers at the institute

The following process serves as an orientation aid for students, especially for the application and coordination phase. Further information and orientation can be found in our concept paper on theses.

Style sheet for Microsoft Word/EndNote and Latex

For the preparation of thesis, term papers and research papers, the department provides an MS Word and Latex style sheet. For correct use you need the TU Darmstadt font. For literature management EndNote is to be used (download via ULB page). We provide an ISE EndNote style to meet the specifications in the style sheet.

ISE Word style sheet and ISE Endnote style

ISE Latex style sheet

Presentation template PowerPoint / think-cell

For presentations we provide a PowerPoint template:

ISE PowerPoint template

think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in that integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint, allowing you to create and manage complex chart types such as Marimekko, Gantt, and Waterfall charts in minutes. In addition, think-cell PowerPoint adds further extensive design and functional elements. The software can be used free of charge by the students and teachers of the TU Darmstadt. Students can obtain licenses through the supervisor of their work at the research group.