Creating Business Value through Data Science

Creating Business Value through Data Science

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Alexander Benlian
Betreuer: Evgheni Croitor, Sören Wallbach
Veranstaltung: Seminar
Zielgruppe: IS Master students, as well as Bachelor students in the final phase of their studies
Kick Off: 26.10.2018 10.00 a.m. @ Accenture Campus, Kronberg im Taunus
Registration By Mail:
Registration deadline 19.10.2018

Seminar Content

Data science is an emerging field that combines analytics, technology, and business understanding in order to solve complex business questions by leveraging data. This seminar aims to give students a hands-on introduction to the field.

The data science seminar provides students with the chance to carry out an end-to-end data science project in cooperation with Accenture. Students will be able to choose from different use cases for which to build a prototypical analytics solution to a specific business question. To achieve this, training sessions will be conducted with technology partners (Cloudera, SAS) where students will practice data preparation and analytics. Fundamental topics such as data preprocessing, analysis and modelling, as well as interpretation, will be covered. The language of instruction is English.

Learning Outcomes

  • Provide integrative perspective on analytics by combining skills from business and computer science
  • Provide practical insights into analytics technologies and data science as profession
  • Conduct end-to-end process of data engineering and data analysis
  • Leverage principles from Design Science to develop prototypical analytics solution that provides actionable business outcomes