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  • Benlian, A. (2020): A Daily Field Investigation of Technology-Driven Stress Spillovers from Work to Home, in: MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Lansing, J., Siegfried, N., Sunyaev, A., & Benlian, A. (2020): Strategic signaling through cloud service certifications: Comparing the relative importance of certifications’ assurances to companies and consumers., in: The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, forthcoming.
  • Schneider, D., Klumpe, J., Adam, M., Benlian, A. (2019): Nudging Users into Electronic Identification Adoption: The Case of E-Government Services., in: Electronic Markets, forthcoming.
  • Wallbach, S., Coleman K., Elbert R., Benlian, A. (2019): Multi-sided platform diffusion in competitive B2B networks: Inhibiting factors and their impact on network effects, in: Electronic Markets, forthcoming.
  • Löbbers, J., Benlian, A. (2019): The Effectiveness of IS Certification in E-Commerce: Does Personality Matter?, in: Journal of Decision Systems, forthcoming.
  • Croitor, E., Benlian, A. (2019): Perceived Input Control on Online Platforms from the Application Developer Perspective: Conceptualization and Scale Development, in: Journal of Decision Systems, 28 (1), 19-40.
  • Maedche, A., Legner, C., Benlian, A., Berger, B., Gimpel, H., Hess, T., Hinz, O., Morana, S., Söllner, M. (2019): AI-Based Digital Assistants, in: Business & Information Systems Engineering, 61 (4), 535-544.
  • Benlian, A., Klumpe, J., Hinz, O. (2019): Mitigating the Intrusive Effects of Smart Home Assistants by using Anthropomorphic Design Features: A Multi-Method Investigation, in: Information Systems Journal, forthcoming.
  • Gerlach, J. P., Engelbrecht, A., Benlian, A., Buxmann, P. (2019): How Employees Gain Meta-Knowledge Using Enterprise Social Networks: A Validation and Extension of Communication Visibility Theory, in: Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 28 (3), 292-309.
  • Schryen, G., Wagner, G., Benlian, A., Paré, G. (2019): A Knowledge Development Perspective on Literature Reviews: Validation of a New Typology in the IS Field, in: Communications of the AIS (2019), 34, forthcoming
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